Meet Your Instructor

Stephanie Gilchrist

Trained Suna Mat Pilates Instructor
(Internationally Recognised)

Hey everyone, I’m Stephanie, one of Your Journey Pilates Instructors. I have been enjoying Pilates since my daughter was around 6 weeks old (she’s now 18) and found it really helped me get back into fitness while looking after my physical and mental wellbeing. During my time at home after she was born, Pilates became my “me time” while she slept and it quickly became a routine I looked forward to. Pilates was exactly what I needed and within a few months I was doing Pilates every day and noticing huge changes in my body. It was also something that I could do for me and over the years this is a habit that I’ve continued with. 

I am a big believer in consistency and have always been an active person – being a competitive swimmer in my teens and in my late 20’s finding a love for Cross Fit and running. I love the connections we make through sport and exercise, finding your community along the way.

Over the years I have tried loads of different exercise regimes, but I’ve always come back to Pilates because of the results I get, and how it helps with all aspects of my life. I am extremely passionate about helping people find balance in what can be quite a chaotic world. We live in such a busy and crazy world that it’s important to take time for you, to look after and nourish your body and mind with both movement and good food.

I want to be able to help others do what I did and I learn how Pilates can help with every aspect of our lives, especially how important it is after having a baby to ease back into exercise slowly and safely.

Over the years I’ve always gone back to Pilates to help tone, lengthen and stretch my body as well as to help recover from injuries. I find Pilates hugely beneficial for my running to help lengthen and stretch my muscles as well as assisting with flexibility. 

Finally, I decided it was time to take the plunge and train as a Pilates instructor so that I can help others improve their fitness, flexibility and strength. The Suna Pilates methodology fit with my philosophy – focusing on the mind, body and breath connection while working through the movements. 

 At Your Journey Pilates we want to help you fall in love with Pilates like we did. We want to journey with you to help connect your body and mind to build strong bodies whether you are a professional athlete, training for an event, have just had a baby or pregnant, or you just want to have some ‘you’ time to breathe, relax and build a stronger body that will get you through life.

Don’t be shy – check out our timetable and come and try out a class.